Best 21 Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree

Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree

Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree: If you make $40 per hour, you earn more money than many people in the United States and other rich countries. This includes some important jobs with a lot of experience. So, if you’re just starting a job, you might not get $40 per hour right away. Your starting pay might be less than that.

If you get paid $40 for each hour you work, you’re earning more money than most people in the United States. It puts you in the top 25% of earners. And when we compare it to other countries, like the UK, Australia, and Canada, where people make less on average, your $40 per hour is considered quite high.

I want to tell you about 18 jobs that pay well and don’t require a college degree. Even though some of these jobs might need training or experience, you don’t have to go to college for them. You can learn and do them on your own.

Keep reading if you want to avoid having to pay back student loans but still want to make good money.

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These are 21 Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree:

  1. Digital Marketing Specialists
  2. Mortgage advisor
  3. System solutions engineer
  4. Private Tutor
  5.  Interaction designer
  6.  Senior copywriter
  7.  Growth marketer
  8.  Search engine optimization (SEO) manager
  9.  Senior Accountant
  10.  Elevator installer and repairer
  11.  Power plant operator
  12.  Financial Advisor
  13.  Public speaker
  14.  UX Designer
  15.  Senior financial analyst
  16.  UI Designer
  17.  Full-stack developer
  18.  Senior data analyst
  19.  Back-end developer
  20.  Pastor
  21.  Executive coach

1.Digital Marketing Specialists

Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary:

Digital Marketing Specialists are people who are really good at promoting things online, like brands, services, or products. They use different websites and strategies to connect with the people they want to reach. Their job is to make sure the right audience sees and engages with whatever they’re promoting.

People who are really good at digital marketing need to be good with technology, numbers, and creativity. They have to know what’s new in digital marketing and understand how to use the tools. While going to school helps, having actual experience in this field and understanding the basics of online marketing are often just as important.

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2.Mortgage advisor

Average salary:

A mortgage advisor is someone who helps people apply for a mortgage. They guide you in choosing the right mortgage for your money situation, give advice on different options, and explain the terms and rules. Mortgage advisors assist in understanding what you need, checking your finances, and guiding you through the steps of applying for a mortgage.

3.System solutions engineer

Average salary: $40.00 per hour

Engineers are like the fix-it experts for computer systems in a company. They make sure everything works the way the company needs it to. This might include updating software and hardware or adding new technology to what’s already there. To be good at this job, you need to know a lot about how networks (like the internet) work and be familiar with different types of computer systems and programming languages. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

Even if you don’t have a degree, you can still get a job in this field as a systems solutions engineer. You just need to show that you’re good at it. This could be through experience working in the industry, getting certifications, teaching yourself, or a combination of these.

If you want to prove your skills, getting certifications like CompTIA Security+ and A+ can be helpful. It’s also a good idea to look into programs like Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE). These certifications show that you know your stuff and can be a great way to get noticed by employers.

4. Private Tutor

Average salary:

A private tutor is someone who helps you learn specific things or skills outside of your regular classes. They work with you individually, helping with homework, offering extra guidance, and explaining things you find challenging. Private tutors can assist with different subjects like language arts, math, science, or even specialized areas like preparing for tests or learning music. Their job is to make learning easier and more tailored to your needs.

5. Interaction designer

Average salary: $40.00 per hour

People who design how we use technology are called interaction designers. They make sure that when you use websites, apps, and other digital things, it’s easy and enjoyable. To be good at this job, you need to pay close attention to small things and understand how people and computers work together. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

Many designers who are good at making things look nice on screens didn’t go to college, but they still got jobs by showing how skilled they are. You can do this by getting certifications or creating a portfolio of your work.

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Two certifications that can help are User Experience Qualification (UXQ) and Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience (CPUX-F). These qualifications can show employers that you know how to make technology easy and enjoyable for people.

6. Senior copywriter

Average salary: $40.00 per hour

Senior copywriters have a cool job. They write interesting and convincing stuff to sell products. This could be online content, emails, ads, and other marketing things. To be good at this job, you need to be good at writing and telling stories. You also have to understand what the people you’re trying to sell to want.

Before becoming a senior copywriter, it’s a good idea to work as a junior or freelance copywriter for a few years to get some experience.

If you want to be a senior copywriter, the most important thing is to show off the work you’ve done before. Put your best writing examples on your blog or a website to prove you’re good at it. You don’t need formal qualifications, but taking some copywriting courses can make you stand out. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

If you’re thinking about getting certified, you can check out programs like SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting Certification, Copyblogger Content Marketer Certification, or the Blackford Centre for Copywriting certificate program. These can help you learn more and show employers that you know your stuff.

7. Growth marketer

Average salary: $41.00 per hour

Growth marketers are like detectives for a company. They look at data to find ways to make the business grow and create plans to get more people to visit the website and buy the product. To be good at this job, you need to be good at understanding and analyzing information. You also need to know about online marketing strategies like making the website show up on search engines, creating interesting content, and using emails to promote the product.

People might think that growth marketers need a college degree in business or marketing, but there are other ways to get into this field. The key is to show that you’re good at analyzing data and marketing.

If you don’t have a degree, you can increase your chances of getting a job by building a strong portfolio. This should highlight how you’ve helped things grow in your past projects or jobs. Getting certifications can also help. Consider looking into programs like Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365, Hubspot Inbound Marketing, and Google Ads certifications.

8. Search engine optimization (SEO) manager

Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $41.00 per hour

An SEO manager is a pro at making a company show up higher in Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches. They do things like building links, figuring out the best words to use, and making sure the website is set up right. To be good at this job, you need to be good at looking at data and understanding how to make a website appear more in search engines. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

You don’t need a college degree for many SEO manager jobs. Instead, it’s about learning on your own, working on real websites, and keeping up with what’s new in SEO.

Even without a degree, you can become an SEO manager by showing what you can do. Build a portfolio that highlights your skills and past work. Another option is to get certified by taking SEO courses from places like Yoast, HubSpot, and Moz Academy. There’s also a course called “Google SEO Fundamentals” by UC Davis on Coursera that you might find helpful.

9. Senior Accountant

Average salary: $41.00 per hour

A senior accountant is like a financial storyteller for a company. They put together reports that show how the company is doing, keep track of the money in the books, and analyze financial data. They also handle things like making budgets, checking that accounts match up, and processing payments.

To be a senior accountant, you usually need to have worked in bookkeeping or accounting for several years. If you don’t have a college degree, you can make up for it by gaining experience. Try doing internships at local accounting companies. You can also check out certification programs from groups like the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

10. Elevator installer and repairer

Average salary: $42.57 per hour

Elevator installers and repairers are the people who take care of elevators. They do everything from putting in new elevators to fixing and replacing parts when needed. This involves doing detailed mechanical and electrical work on different parts like switches, motors, cables, and more.

To get a job in this field, you usually just need a high school diploma. But having an associate’s degree in electronics or something similar might make employers like you more. If you want to be an elevator installer without a degree, you can think about doing an apprenticeship through the National Elevator Industry Educational Program.

11. Power plant operator

Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $42.83 per hour

Power plant operators are like the guardians of electricity. They watch over the machines that make and send out electricity. This involves keeping an eye on how well the generators are working, adjusting the controls, and making sure everything is running smoothly and safely. They also have to take care of the machines by fixing them, cleaning them, and making sure they stay in good shape.

People who run power plants usually finish high school or something similar. They have to go through a lot of training and qualifications to do the job. They might also need to pass tests for drugs and alcohol regularly. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

If you want to be someone who runs power plants, you can think about doing an apprenticeship program with the Electrical Generating Systems Association.

12. Financial Advisor

Average salary: $42.95 per hour

Financial advisers help people with their money. They advise on things like planning for retirement, making smart investments, and managing finances. This involves understanding how much risk a person is comfortable with, looking at their current financial situation, and helping them choose where to invest their money.

Financial advisers also work with clients to figure out what their big money goals are and make plans to reach those goals over time.

To be a financial advisor, many companies like you take some special tests called Series 65, Series 7, and Series 66. These tests are managed by FINRA. Even if you don’t have a degree, having these qualifications shows that you are officially allowed to give financial advice in various areas. It’s a way to prove you know your stuff in the financial world.

13. Public speaker

Average salary: $44.00 per hour

Public speakers talk to big groups of people using speeches and presentations. They have to decide what to talk about, practice a lot, and deliver the speech in a way that everyone can understand and find interesting. Public speakers often talk about many different topics, so they need to be able to quickly learn and understand challenging information. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

You don’t need more than a high school diploma to become a public speaker. But, you must be good at both writing and speaking. It can help if you gain experience by teaching at a community college or university. To improve your skills, you can take online courses in public speaking or join a Toastmasters group. Also, try speaking in front of people whenever you get the chance, like at school, church, or work. This will help you get better and more comfortable as a speaker

14. UX Designer

Average salary: $44.00 per hour

A UX designer’s job is to create websites, apps, and digital things that are easy for people to use. This includes writing code, fixing problems in software, studying how users interact with things, and making plans and models of how the digital product will look and work.

Many companies expect UX designers to have some experience with UI/web development or web development. If you want to be a UX designer, you can learn by taking online courses in user experience design. It’s also helpful to understand the basics of HTML and CSS code.

You can consider signing up for online certification courses like the Designlab UX Academy, CareerFoundry UX Design Program, and Google UX Design Certificate. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

15. Senior financial analyst

Average salary: $44.00 per hour

A senior financial analyst is like a money expert for a company. They look at how well the company is doing financially and give advice. This includes looking at where to invest money, figuring out how much profit different business strategies might make, planning for the company’s long-term money goals, and researching new opportunities for the business.

To become a senior financial analyst, you should work in an entry-level financial analyst role for a few years. You need to be good at analyzing data and explaining complicated information. Getting practical work experience through apprenticeships or internships is a good idea.

In the financial analyst world, having the Certified Financial Planner qualification is often seen as a top standard. But, you usually start with a junior position before moving up to become a senior analyst.

16. UI Designer

Average salary: $45.00 per hour

UI designers make websites and apps look good. They create the visual style, pick special fonts and colors, and make sure everything looks nice and sends the right message for the brand. It’s about making digital things both pretty and effective.

To be a UI designer, it helps to have experience in graphic design, web design, or something similar. Even if you don’t have a degree, you can show your skills with a good collection of your work (portfolio) and certificates that the industry values. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

17. Full-stack developer

Average salary: $47.00 per hour

A full-stack developer is like a person who builds and takes care of everything in a website or program. They work on how it looks and how it works behind the scenes. So, they need to know about design, user experience, and coding.

Full-stack developers are needed a lot, and you can get a job without a degree if you show your skills with a good portfolio and certificates that the industry likes. To become a full-stack developer, you can take online courses in web development or computer science coding. It’s also helpful to do internships to get practical experience in the field.

18. Senior data analyst

Average salary: $48.00 per hour

A senior data analyst’s job is to look at large sets of information to find ways a company can grow, understand different marketing strategies, and figure out how well past campaigns worked. They also create models based on data to help companies make better decisions.

Many data analysts have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics, or something similar. But if you don’t have a degree, you can still stand out by being really good with numbers and explaining complex information well. Since there’s a big demand for data analysis skills, you might find a job in the field if you have a strong portfolio, industry-recognized qualifications, and practical skills that can be used in different situations. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

19. Back-end developer

Average salary: $49.00 per hour

A back-end developer is like a person who works behind the scenes of a website or app. They take care of the server-side stuff, which involves managing databases and being good at coding.

The tech industry needs back-end developers, just like full-stack developers. Even if you don’t have a degree, you can still get a job if you show your skills with a good portfolio and relevant certifications. If you’re starting a career in this field, consider joining a certification program, like the one for back-end web development offered by Harvard Extension School.

20. Pastor

Average salary: $49.00 per hour

Pastors are like spiritual leaders for a group of people. They provide support and guidance on matters of faith. This includes leading worship sessions, performing ceremonies like funerals and marriages, giving sacraments, and offering counseling. To be good at this job, you need to have a strong understanding of your faith, as well as good counseling and public speaking skills.

In some places, you don’t have to have a formal degree to become a pastor. However, in some areas, they might ask for a theological or divinity degree. If you don’t have a degree, you might need to do extra learning, like working with a senior pastor or doing internships. Getting involved in your local church, helping with worship sessions, or teaching religious education classes is also a good way to prepare if you want to become a pastor. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]

21. Executive coach

Average salary: $49.00 per hour

Executive coaches help top bosses and business leaders by making special coaching plans for them. This involves doing assessments, giving feedback, setting goals, and making action plans. To be good at this job, you need to understand how people behave, know about motivational psychology, and be familiar with the modern business world.

For many executive coaches who run their own businesses, the key is to have more and more clients. If you don’t have a degree, you can build your experience by offering free coaching sessions to friends or starting a personal development blog. Make sure to get recommendations and comments from your first coaching clients so you can use them to attract more business.

Does an hourly pay of $40 is good?

Deciding if $40 per hour is a good wage depends on different things. Like how much experience you have, where you live, and the kind of life you want. Do you just want to cover basic needs like rent, utilities, and transportation? Or do you want more for extra things?

Considering all these things, some people might think $40 per hour is enough, while others might feel they need more for the life they want. In the end, you should decide what feels right for your situation. [Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree]


The article explore about 21 jobs where you can earn $40 per hour without needing a college degree. These jobs cover various areas like digital marketing, mortgage advising, engineering, tutoring, design, writing, marketing, accounting, maintenance work, power plant operation, financial advice, public speaking, development, data analysis, pastoral roles, and coaching.

It emphasizes that practical experience, skills, certificates, and examples of your work can be very important in getting these jobs even if you don’t have a college degree. The post encourages people to explore these different careers that offer good pay without requiring a formal degree

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