33 Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree: Making $20 an hour is a bit less than the average of $31.75 in the United States, but it’s still a great starting point for a job.

In this pay range, there are lots of job options that don’t require a degree, and some of them even have good chances of moving up.

This list only includes jobs that pay between $20 and $25 per hour.

jobs that pay $20 per hour might not seem super fancy at first, but they have a lot of good things going for them.

First, you can often get these jobs without needing a formal degree, and that means you don’t have to deal with heavy student debt.

Plus, a bunch of these jobs give you a great chance to move up the career ladder.

For example, you could start as a travel agent and, with time, work your way up to being a manager. Similarly, if you begin as a real estate agent, you might eventually become a broker or property manager, where you can earn more than $50 per hour.

Working for a $20 an hour salary has many good reasons to consider. That’s why we’re going to explore some of the best options in this pay range, perfect for people searching for jobs without a college degree.

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These are top 33 jobs that will pay you $20 an hour without a degree:

  1. Bus and truck mechanic
  2. Maintenance worker 
  3. Plumber
  4. Operator of chemical equipment
  5. Clerk in the postal service.
  6. Traffic technician
  7. Tattoo artist
  8. Medical administrative assistant
  9. Travel agent
  10. Logging worker
  11. Voice actor
  12. Massage therapist
  13. Painter
  14. Welder
  15. Personal shopper
  16. Doula
  17. Emergency dispatcher
  18. Blacksmith
  19. Health information technologist
  20. Licensed practical nurse (LPN)
  21. Digital content creator
  22. Paramedic
  23. Truck driver
  24. Correctional officer
  25. Train conductor
  26. Mason
  27. Journalist
  28. Carpenter
  29. Funeral director
  30. Audio and video technician
  31. Real estate agent
  32. Event planner
  33. Sales representative

Bus and truck mechanic

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $25.49 per hour

If you enjoy using your hands and are okay with standing for a long time, a job as a bus and truck mechanic might be perfect for you. In this career, you’ll be responsible for installing, maintaining, and fixing large diesel engines, along with electrical and hydraulic systems.

To become a bus and truck mechanic, you should finish high school first. After that, you’ll probably need to take a training course and gain some work experience to pass your ASE exams.

Maintenance worker

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $25.75 per hour

Maintenance personnel have the important task of making sure that machinery and equipment are running smoothly. Their typical day involves disassembling equipment, replacing any worn-out parts, and running tests to make sure everything is fixed and working well.

While landing a maintenance worker job can be done with just a high school diploma, quite a few folks decide to go the extra mile by pursuing associate degrees in industrial maintenance before diving into this field.

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Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $23 an hour

A plumber is someone who’s really skilled at their trade, and they specialize in setting up, fixing, and looking after plumbing systems. These pros work with all sorts of pipes that carry liquids like water, gas, and sewage in places like homes, businesses, and industrial sites.

Becoming a plumber usually involves a mix of hitting the books, getting hands-on experience through an apprenticeship, and learning the ropes on the job. Plumbers play a crucial role in keeping buildings safe and working right by ensuring that everything in the water and sewage systems is in top-notch shape. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

Operator of chemical equipment

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary:

Chemical equipment operators oversee and manage the chemical processes involved in manufacturing products. They do so by adjusting and monitoring factors like temperature, pressure, and the flow of chemicals in various equipment, including fermentation chambers and reaction kettles.

No specific prerequisites are needed for this role. Generally, a high school diploma is satisfactory for securing a job as a chemical operator, provided that you can collaborate effectively in a team, possess excellent hand-eye coordination, and have a good grasp of computer skills.

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Clerk in the postal service.

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary:

It’s a straightforward gig, and you’re looking at a minimum of $20 per hour! Postal service clerks handle the weighing of letters and packages, figuring out the postage cost based on their weight and where they’re headed. On top of that, they make use of either computerized scanning tools or do it manually to sort through both incoming and outgoing mail.

Typically, landing a job as a postal service clerk just calls for a high school diploma. It’s even better if you’ve got some previous customer service experience under your belt – that way, you’re showing off your excellent communication skills.

Traffic technician

Average salary: $25.58 per hour

Traffic technicians are in charge of maintaining road and traffic control equipment. They often work closely with civil engineers to ensure everything runs smoothly. Additionally, they collect, analyze, and suggest improvements for traffic flow and accident data. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

Even though many traffic technologists start their careers right after high school, there’s a growing trend where more of them are getting college degrees first, especially in areas like computer-aided design and municipal planning.

Tattoo artist

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary:  $20.00 per hour

Tattoo artists are professionals who use needles and ink to create permanent designs on their clients’ skin. They also help clients choose designs, decide where to put the tattoo and provide advice on taking care of the tattoo.

Tattoo artists need to be good at art and talking to people. They have to understand what their clients want and make tattoos that make them happy. It’s also important for them to keep their workplace clean and work well under pressure.

To become a tattoo artist, you usually don’t need a degree. Instead, you learn by working with an experienced tattoo artist in a kind of training called an apprenticeship. This training, which usually lasts one to three years, teaches you how to use tattoo equipment safely, mix inks, and keep everything clean and safe.

Medical administrative assistant

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $20.00 per hour

The person at the front desk in a medical office is called a medical administrative assistant. Their job is to say hello to patients, schedule appointments, check insurance, handle billing and payments, and keep track of medical records. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

Being a medical administrative assistant doesn’t need a fancy medical degree. But, you should know how to use regular office computer programs, understand customer service, and have basic knowledge about modern medicine and the words used in it. Most employers also expect you to have a certification as a medical administrative assistant. A good choice for certification is the National Healthcare Association’s Certified Medical Administrative Assistant program.

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Travel agent

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $20.36 per hour

A travel agent helps people pick and book vacation packages. They give advice on where to stay, how to get around, and what places to visit. Travel agents also handle bookings for hotels, airlines, and other ways to get around.

You don’t have to have a degree to be a travel agent. But, good travel agents are excellent at talking to people and doing many things at the same time. This job requires you to handle lots of requests at once and give clients clear and short information.

Most employers prefer if you have a certification in a travel agency. The standard certification in the industry is called The Travel Institute’s Certified Travel Associate.

Logging worker

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $20.36 per hour

A logging worker’s job is to bring down trees, cut them into logs, and load them onto trucks. They also need to take care of their equipment and clean up the area where they work by getting rid of waste. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

You don’t need a special education to become a logging worker. Most employers will teach you what you need to know about forestry and the tools they use. But, keep in mind, this job involves working outdoors for long hours, doing hard physical work. So, you need to be in good health and strong.

Voice actor

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $20.56 per hour

In movies, TV shows, video games, and other media, like audiobooks or medical instruction videos, the characters need voices. That’s where voice actors come in. These professionals must make their voices sound natural while showing the right feelings and tone of the content they’re expressing.

You don’t need a fancy degree to be a voice actor. However many successful voice actors have experience in public speaking, singing, or acting. If you don’t have these skills, you can consider joining a voice acting certification school. Two programs we recommend are the VoiceOver LA Artist Certification Program and the Certified Voice Artist Program.

Massage therapist

Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary:  $20.97 per hour

A massage therapist’s job is to give their clients massages that help them feel better. They are trained in different types of massages like sports, deep tissue, and Swedish massage.

Most states require massage therapists to have a high school diploma or something similar. They also need a license, which means they completed an official training course. Many massage therapists choose to get extra certificates even though it’s not required. The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork offers a widely accepted certification for massage therapists. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]


Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $21.00 per hour

Painters are artists who create paintings and other artworks. They use different materials like pastels, watercolor, acrylic paint, oil paint, or a mix of these. Nowadays, many painters and illustrators also use digital tools, such as Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

Many successful people started their careers without any official credentials. If you want to be a painter but don’t have a degree, try working as a freelancer. Create a portfolio with pictures of your paintings. Keep improving your portfolio, trying to make it look impressive and varied.


Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $21.00 per hour

A welder is someone who joins metal parts together using heat and pressure. They use different methods like plasma cutting, oxy-acetylene welding, and arc welding. Welders also need to keep their workspace clean and safe and take care of their equipment.

You don’t need a fancy education to become a welder. Many companies in this field are happy to give on-the-job training, even if you don’t have experience. But if you want to get some formal training before starting, there are welding certification programs available. For example, the well-known American Welding Society offers various welding qualifications that can help you get more jobs and earn a higher wage.

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Personal shopper

Average salary: $21.00 per hour

A personal shopper helps people choose and buy clothes, accessories, and sometimes even everyday things like groceries. They usually work for a personal shopping company or offer freelance services. Apart from knowing about the latest fashion trends, a personal shopper who helps clients with clothing should also suggest items that fit each client’s style. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

A personal shopper helps people choose and buy clothes, accessories, and sometimes even everyday things like groceries. They usually work for a personal shopping company or offer freelance services. Apart from knowing about the latest fashion trends, a personal shopper who helps clients with clothing should also suggest items that fit each client’s style.

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Average salary: $21.00 per hour

A doula is a trained person who helps pregnant moms during pregnancy, labor, and after giving birth. They give different kinds of support, like information, emotional care, and physical help. Doulas also help moms make plans for giving birth and give advice on nursing and taking care of a newborn. It’s important to know that a doula is not a licensed medical professional. Instead, they act like a support team for the mom and her family.

You don’t need official qualifications to be a doula, but many in this field take special training and get certified. The certifications from DONA International and Doula Trainings International are widely recognized around the world.

Emergency dispatcher

Average salary: $21.00 per hour

Emergency dispatchers answer and guide emergency calls. They are the first contact for people in a crisis, so they need to stay calm and composed. Emergency dispatchers not only take calls but also gather information from the callers, put it into a computer system, and then send the right help to the location.

To work as an emergency dispatcher, you need at least a high school degree, and some employers prefer candidates with additional education. All emergency dispatchers must undergo on-the-job training, which covers things like using computer systems, handling crises, and basic medical knowledge. Many experts in this field also get certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]


Average salary: $21.00 per hour

A blacksmith is someone who works with metal to make things like tools, weapons, and art. They not only create new items but also fix metal objects.

Being a blacksmith needs good physical strength, accuracy, and know-how about metal and metalworking. Many new blacksmiths start by taking classes at a trade school or doing an internship with an experienced local blacksmith.

Health information technologist

Average salary: $21.75 per hour

A health information technician in a medical place handles and organizes patient health information. They code diagnoses and procedures and make sure medical records are accurate and up-to-date. These technicians may also control the distribution of medical records to patients or other authorized parties.

You don’t need a medical degree to be a health information technician. However most employers prefer candidates with an associate’s degree or more in medical records, health information technology, or a related field. If you want to start in this field without a formal degree, you can check certification options from the American Health Information Management Association.

Licensed practical nurse (LPN)

Average salary:  $21.78 per hour

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is a medical professional who provides basic nursing care. They take vital signs, assist patients with daily tasks, and provide basic bedside care. In many states, LPNs are also allowed to start intravenous fluids or administer medication.

To be an LPN, you need to complete an official training program, even though you don’t need a medical degree. The LPN training program can take about a year, including classroom learning and hands-on clinical experience. After finishing an accredited LPN program, you must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses to get a license in your state. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

Digital content creator

Average salary: $22.00 per hour

A digital content creator makes content for online platforms like websites, blogs, and social media. They research the topic, create original content, and make sure all information is accurate and current. Digital content creators often collaborate with other experts, like web designers and developers, to organize and optimize information for search engines.

Becoming a digital content creator doesn’t always require a specific education. Whether you need a degree depends on whether you work for a company or as a freelancer. Freelancers can work without a traditional degree, but many companies prefer candidates with a degree in communications, journalism, or a related field. You can build a portfolio of your work and learn on your own. Many free and paid tools are available online for content creation.


Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary:  $22.00 per hour

A paramedic is a medical professional who helps patients with urgent medical issues before they go to the hospital. They give medicine, provide basic life support, and check the patient’s condition. Paramedics often work with other medical experts, like emergency doctors and ambulance drivers, to make sure patients get the best care.

Becoming a paramedic may have different rules depending on the state. Usually, paramedics need to finish a training program and have at least a high school degree. After completing the training, they must pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exam to become certified. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

Truck driver

Average salary:  $22.66 per hour

A truck driver’s job is to drive a big vehicle to move goods from one place to another. They check the vehicle, load and unload cargo, and handle the paperwork for the shipment. Truck drivers often have to stick to strict schedules to make sure deliveries are on time.

To work as a truck driver, you need a special license called a commercial driver’s license (CDL). In most states, you have to finish a training program to get a CDL. After completing the training, you need to pass a written exam and a skills test to get your CDL. Truck drivers also need to have a clean driving record, and they might be tested for drugs regularly.

Correctional officer

Average salary:  $22.81 per hour

A correctional officer works in a jail or prison and watches over the prisoners. They do things like searching for contraband, keeping an eye on how prisoners behave, and making sure everyone follows the rules. Correctional officers also work with other law enforcement professionals, like probation officers and police officers, to ensure the safety of both prisoners and the public.

To be a correctional officer, you just need a high school degree. But, you have to pass a drug test and a background check – they want a clean record. Before they start working, most correctional officers go through training. Some also get extra credentials from the American Correctional Association to show they know their stuff and improve their job options. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

Train conductor

Average salary: $23.00 per hour

A train conductor is like the boss of a train. They collect tickets, make sure everyone is safe, and announce things on the train speaker. They work with other training experts to make sure everything runs smoothly and is on time.

To be a train conductor, you usually just need a high school degree. But, you must go through a tough training program to learn all about running a train trip. The best way to get this training is to apply directly to a railroad company. Good companies often pay for your training and guarantee you a job. If you’re curious, you can check out the Canadian Pacific train conductor application page to see what it involves.


Average salary: $23.18 per hour

Masons are the ones who build things like patios, floors, and walls using bricks, stones, and concrete. They mix mortar, lay bricks or stones, and shape and cut materials with different tools. Masons also works with other building experts, like electricians and carpenters, to make sure projects are done on time and within budget.

You don’t need to finish formal school to become a mason. Most masons have a high school diploma. To start working, many masons join an apprenticeship program with a local masonry contractor. After the apprenticeship, some people in this field continue learning by taking courses from the National Concrete Masonry Association. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]


Average salary: $23.70 per hour

A journalist investigates, writes, and edits articles for print media like newspapers, magazines, or online news. They check facts, attend events, and interview people. Journalists work with editors and photographers to make sure their articles are accurate and look good.

To be a journalist, the qualifications you need depend on your path. If you’re freelancing, create great articles for your website to build a strong portfolio. Reputable publications might notice your work. If you’re working for a company, a bachelor’s degree in journalism or a related field is often required. Some companies also accept industry-recognized online certificates, like the UCLA Extension journalism certification.


Average salary: $23.81 per hour

Carpenters build and fix things made of wood, like buildings and furniture. They smooth edges, put things together, and measure and cut wood. Carpenters often work with other experts, such as masons and electricians, to finish projects on time and within budget.

You don’t need a high school diploma to become a carpenter, but many carpenters have one. The best way to start is by getting an apprenticeship with a good contractor. After learning the basics, you can either start your own business or work for a carpentry company. Some carpenters choose to get certified to improve their careers, and the OSHA Safety Certificate is the common certification for carpenters. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

Funeral director

Average salary:  $24.04 per hour

A funeral director is someone who plans and organizes funerals. They work with the family of the deceased, help choose a coffin or urn, schedule the funeral, and write obituaries. Funeral directors also coordinate with other professionals like florists and cemetery staff to make sure everything is taken care of for the funeral.

Funeral directors usually need a license in many states. To get it, they must pass a state exam and complete an approved mortuary science program. Some funeral directors also choose to join the National Funeral Directors Association after their formal training. While not required, being a member can help them stay updated on industry changes and stand out in their field.

Audio and video technician

Average salary: $24.63 per hour

An audio and video technician deals with setting up, operating, and taking down audiovisual equipment. They handle things like projectors, speakers, and microphones, and adjust lighting and sound. These technicians are often hired by companies organizing significant events such as conferences, concerts, and product launches.

To be an audio and video technician, it’s essential to know how to use the equipment. While formal training isn’t always required, many companies may ask for proof of your skills in handling audio-visual tools. It’s a good idea to enroll in recognized certification programs. For beginners, we recommend two programs: the Avixa Essentials of AV Technology and the Extron AV Associate Certification. These certifications can help you showcase your expertise in the field. [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

Real estate agent

Average salary:

Real estate brokers help clients buy and sell properties. They list homes, negotiate prices, show properties to potential buyers, and handle the paperwork for deals. Real estate agents work not only with individuals but also with developers, landlords, and businesses.

Typically, the only educational prerequisite for becoming a real estate broker is a high school degree. Having said that, a license is necessary for real estate agents to operate. While each state has its criteria, most of them need agents to pass an exam and complete many months of training to obtain a real estate license. After receiving your license, you have the option of opening your own company or working for a real estate company.

Event planner

Average salary: $24.79 per hour

Event planners organize and manage big events like weddings, parties, concerts, and business meetings. They handle everything from choosing venues to hiring caterers and suppliers, managing budgets, and ensuring every detail is taken care of for a successful event.

Becoming an event planner doesn’t require any specific courses. Start by gaining experience through volunteering for friends, and family, or offering your services for free. Once you’ve gained some experience, consider formal training through online classes and start providing your services locally. If you have relevant experience, you can also apply for three widely recognized industry certifications: Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP), Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP), and Certified Meeting Professional (CMP). [Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree]

Sales representative

Average salary:  $28.00 per hour

In a business, sales agents are responsible for finding new customers and meeting sales goals. They do this by making cold calls, giving presentations, attending trade shows, and staying updated on the latest products and services from their company. Successful sales reps need good communication skills and an understanding of budgeting, sales strategies, and marketing principles.

Whether a sales representative needs a degree depends on the industry. In many cases, experience and proven sales skills are more important than a formal degree. Begin by learning through online courses, books, and blogs to build your sales expertise. Once you understand the basics, consider getting a sales certification from a reputable organization like the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) or the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP).

Conclusion- Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour Without a Degree

The article emphasizes that many jobs do not require a formal degree, to land a good job. Some roles might ask for specific training or certifications, but there’s a whole bunch of pathways open to explore. It’s all about figuring out what you’re into and what you’re good at. The jobs listed cover a lot of ground and offer chances to climb the career ladder, making them solid options for folks eager to dive into the working world without heading off to college.

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