Best 18 Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree

Best 18 Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree

Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree: If you make $60 per hour, you are earning more than most people in the United States. In fact, you would be in the top 10% of earners there, and even in the top 1% in many poorer countries.

The jobs on this list don’t always need a college degree, but they might need special training, certification, or experience. When you first start working in a beginner’s job, you might not make $60 per hour. Some jobs on this list are higher positions, like senior or manager roles.

The Bureau of Labor Services (BLS) says that most people in the United States earn about $31.75 per hour on average. So, if you’re making $60 per hour, you’re making more than double what most people in the U.S. make.

This also means you’re in the top 10% of earners in the United States. In countries like China or India, where the average income is lower, earning $60 an hour would actually put you in the top 1% of earners.

A lot of people think you have to go to college to make good money. But that’s not true! Even though going to college has many advantages, it’s not the only way to be successful. There are jobs out there that pay $60 an hour or even more, and you don’t always need a college degree for them.

Many of these jobs are in management, which means being in charge of things. The most important thing for these jobs is often having worked in a similar job before. Sometimes, you might just need to learn the job while doing it—going to a formal school isn’t always necessary.

These are the list of 18 Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree

  1. Dropshipping
  2. Lawyer
  3. Advertising managers
  4. Copywriting
  5. Business analytics manager
  6. Information technology manager
  7. Senior art director
  8. Air traffic controller
  9. Senior software developer
  10. Creative director
  11. Senior data scientist
  12. Technical lead
  13. Content marketing manager
  14. Product marketing manager
  15. Speechwriter
  16. Media director
  17. Commercial pilot
  18. Senior operations manager


Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary:

Absolutely, dropshipping is a top job that can make you around $60 per hour. It’s like having your own business, and if you run a dropshipping store well, you could earn even more than $60 per hour.

Before you start, you need to learn a lot about dropshipping, especially if it’s something new to you. Just so you know, starting a dropshipping store requires some money. Also, you should be good at using the internet to set up and manage your store.

Even if you’re completely new to it, there are many guides available to help you get started. In short, running an online dropshipping business might seem challenging, but it’s possible to make more than $60 per hour with some effort.

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Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $ 60 per hour

A person with legal training and a license is called a lawyer. Lawyers not only provide legal advice but also handle tasks like writing legal documents and negotiating agreements. They also represent clients in court. Lawyers often specialize in specific areas of law, like business, family, or criminal law. [Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree]

Advertising managers

Average salary: $62.10 per hour

People who lead marketing or advertising have the job of making customers interested in what they’re selling.

Managers in advertising and marketing make a typical salary of $66.70, and the number of jobs in this field is expected to grow by 6% by the year 2032.


Average salary: $62.14 per hour

being a copywriter is a job that can pay around $60 per hour. It’s all about writing to sell products or promote brands. Copywriting is like using words to convince people to buy something more than they originally thought.

As a copywriter, your main job is to write in a way that makes people want to purchase a product. You don’t need to do anything else but focus on writing persuasively. To really be a good copywriter, you need to master this skill, which is different from regular writing. It’s about making words work their magic to sell things effectively.

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Business analytics manager

Average salary: $62.00 per hour

Business analytics managers are like the leaders in a company who look after a team of business analysts. Their main job is to make the company do better by managing how we understand and use data. [Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree]

They oversee how we analyze data, set up systems to report and understand information and teach others in the company how to use these systems. So, they’re the ones making sure everything related to data and analysis runs smoothly to help the company succeed.

If you want to be a business analytics manager without a college degree, you need a bunch of experience working as a business analyst in a company. But that’s not all – you have to prove you’re really good at managing projects, running a business, and leading a team.

To make things even better, having a certification called Certified Business Analyst Professional can help a lot. It’s like a gold standard in the industry, showing that you really know your stuff when it comes to being a top-notch business analyst. So, experience and skills are key to climbing up the ladder in this job.

Information technology manager

Average salary:  $62.00 per hour

IT managers are the experts in charge of a group of IT specialists. They make sure that computer systems are set up and working well. They also take care of making and following rules to keep information safe in the company.

Some big-name credentials that IT managers might have are the Certified Information Technology Manager and the Certified Associate in Project Management. To be a good manager in this field, you need to know a lot about IT, be organized, and have at least two to five years of experience in the industry. [Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree]

Senior art director

Average salary: $62.00 per hour

The creative leaders in charge of a group of artists and designers are called senior art directors. They’re the ones who come up with and make things look good, like product packaging, brochures, magazines, and ads. Sometimes, they also make sure that the team creates these things the right way.

Art directors work in many different industries, so the exact requirements for the job can vary. But to become a senior art director, you usually need a lot of experience in the type of work you do. On top of being good at art and design, senior art directors often have training in managing projects and leading a team. So, it’s not just about being creative.

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Air traffic controller

Average salary: $62.70 per hour

Air traffic controllers are the ones responsible for making sure airplanes fly safely in the sky. They watch over the movements of planes, guide pilots with directions and information, and plan how planes take off and land. In some cases, they might also manage air traffic control towers.

To become an air traffic controller, you usually just need a high school diploma, although having one is not always necessary. If you’re interested, you can join a U.S. Air Force air traffic control training school. This school helps you learn and gain practical experience in air traffic control. Having credentials from the U.S. Air Force can make you stand out to employers when you’re looking for a job in this field. [Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree]

Senior software developer

Average salary: $64.00 per hour

Senior software developers are like the experts who create and take care of computer programs. They work with a team of software engineers to design, test, and put into action different software applications. They also guide and help younger software developers in their team.

Most companies want senior software developers to have about five years of experience in software development. But if you want to learn the skills on your own, you can take online classes and join boot camps to get certified. Right now, a good choice for starting a career in software development is Springboard’s Software Engineering Bootcamp. It’s a program that helps you learn what you need to know to become a successful software developer.

Creative director

Average salary: $65.00 per hour

The creative director is like the big creative thinker in a company. They’re in charge of a team of creative people who come up with ideas and plans to help the company. The creative director makes sure that these creative ideas fit into the company’s overall plan.

They work closely with other parts of the company to make sure the creative stuff goes hand in hand with the business goals. So, it’s all about making sure the creative vision matches up with what the company wants to achieve. [Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree]

To be a creative director, you don’t have to go to a specific school. But most creative directors have a bunch of qualifications in their field and a big collection of their work to show.

Many creative directors join groups like The International Council of Design or The American Institute of Graphic Arts to meet people and make their careers better. The kind of company a creative director works for depends on what they’re really good at.

Senior data scientist

Average salary:

The senior data scientist is like the top expert who makes plans for how a company uses data. They spend their time working with data to discover useful information that can make the company work better. They also lead a team of junior data scientists and analysts to put these plans into action.

To become a senior data scientist, you need to be really good at what you do and have actual work experience, no matter your educational background. Data scientists usually know a lot about computer science, statistics, and math.

A good plan is to start with an entry-level data job. That’s your first step. Gain experience, improve your skills, and work your way up to finally become a senior data scientist. [Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree]

Technical lead

Average salary: $65.00 per hour

A technical lead is a skilled person who guides a team of engineers when they are creating software or other technical things. They work with different parts of the company to make sure that what the team creates fits with the overall business plan

Usually, technical leads have worked in technical jobs like software development for many years. Most companies want them to be good at communicating and leading others. Many technical leads also have important certifications that show they’re experts, like the Certified IT Architect from the International Association of Software Architects or the Professional Software Developer Certification from the IEEE Computer Society.

Content marketing manager

Average salary:  $66.00 per hour

A content marketing manager is like the boss of all the writing and creating stuff for a company. They make sure there’s a plan for what content to make and work with different teams to make sure it fits with what the company wants to achieve.

You don’t need a fancy degree to become a content marketing manager. Instead, you can focus on building a portfolio that shows off your skills as a content creator. Your portfolio could include things like your social media profiles or websites where you’ve shared your work. If you’re new to creating content, it’s a good idea to start by taking online courses to learn the basics. Many content marketers start their careers by doing freelance work on websites like Upwork or Fiverr to gain some experience. [Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree]

Product marketing manager

Average salary: $66.00 per hour

A product marketing manager is like the person in charge of making a plan to sell a product. They handle things like how to introduce the product to the market, create marketing materials, and do research on what customers want. They also check how well the product is doing and work closely with the team that created it, all to make sure the product meets what the customers need.

Product marketing managers know a lot about both marketing and the product they’re promoting. If you want to do this job without going to college, start by learning the basics of modern marketing. You can invest in certifications like the ones from the Digital Marketing Institute to show you know your stuff.

Once you understand marketing, pick the products you’re interested in and focus on building a good portfolio in that area.


Average salary: $67.00 per hour

Speechwriters have the cool job of writing speeches for important people like politicians, business folks, and celebrities. They need to make sure the speech is not only clear and effective but also sounds like it’s coming straight from the person giving it.

Professional speechwriters are really good at three things: writing, doing research, and speaking in public. If you don’t have a college degree, you can start your journey to becoming a speechwriter by getting better at writing. Take some writing classes to improve your skills. [Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree]

Once you have a bunch of good speechwriting examples, reach out to important people or local groups to offer your services. This way, you can start building your experience and getting more people to notice your work.

Media director

Average salary: $68.00 per hour

Media directors are like the pros who come up with and put into action advertising plans for companies or important people. They handle everything from figuring out the budget for the campaign to talking about prices with media outlets. They work with a team of creative minds to come up with the overall idea for the campaign.

To become a media director, you need a ton of experience in advertising. You can get this experience by working in roles like account executive, media buyer, or creative director. It’s also crucial to have good connections with different media outlets and know a lot about how the media world works.

You don’t necessarily need a college degree to start in advertising. You can begin at an advertising agency and work your way up. Getting certificates, like the ones from HubSpot in content marketing or Microsoft’s advertising qualifications, can also be really helpful.

Commercial pilot

Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree

Average salary: $68.00 per hour

Commercial pilots are the people who fly planes for airlines, taking people or goods from one place to another. They’re in charge of important things like takeoff, landing, and making sure the flight goes smoothly. Before each flight, they check the plane to make sure everything is okay. And, of course, they stay in touch with the air traffic control tower to keep things safe. [Jobs That Pay $60 an Hour Without a Degree]

You don’t need a formal degree to become a commercial pilot. But, you do need to be really good at math and physics, and you should be in excellent physical shape. To become a commercial pilot, you start by getting a Private Pilot License (PPL) through tough flight training at an aviation school and passing an exam. Once you have that, you can apply for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

Senior operations manager

Average salary: $69.00 per hour

A senior operations manager is like the boss who makes sure everything runs smoothly in a company every day. This involves managing people, creating plans for how the company should work, reaching sales goals, and making sure things are of high quality.

To become a senior operations manager, you need a lot of experience working in operations. It’s also helpful to know about different business things like marketing, finance, and managing people. Climbing up the career ladder in a company can help you start your operations career, even if you don’t have a college degree. Another option is getting certifications in project management, like the Project Management Professional (PMP) or the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).


you don’t always need a college degree for jobs that pay around $60 per hour. These jobs are in different areas like trades, arts, management, and specialized tech roles. Many of them let you gain experience, certifications, and skills, making it possible to apply for these well-paying jobs.

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