How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree

How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree

How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree: Some of the smartest and most creative folks globally are in the IT field. These are the ones who could create the next big social media sensation or develop software to aid cancer research. Their potential knows no bounds.

But here’s the thing – while these IT wizards are busy inventing and innovating, there’s a behind-the-scenes crew making sure all the tech stuff runs smoothly for companies and websites. Enter the IT staff, the unsung heroes ensuring there are no glitches or hiccups in the technological operations.

Now, if you’re thinking about taking on the role of an IT manager, hold on tight. It’s not just about being super smart; it comes with extra responsibilities to safeguard a company’s network and online assets.

Surprisingly, you don’t need a fancy associate degree to become an IT manager. Even though this position might seem like it requires some serious qualifications, there are ways to climb the IT manager ladder without one. It’s a smart job, but the path to it can be pretty flexible.

What is an IT Manager and What is their Job Role?

Whether they’re working for a company or hired by someone else, IT managers are like tech captains. They handle everything technical, from managing the IT budget to fixing tech issues. They’re the ones keeping a close eye on the company’s networks and making sure software stays up-to-date. Oh, and they’re also the decision-makers when it comes to picking the hardware that powers the company’s servers and devices. [How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree]

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But that’s not all – being an IT manager might also mean leading a team. This could involve giving tasks to team members or bringing in and training new folks.

On top of everything, staying in the loop with the latest tech stuff – whether it’s about computers, tablets, smartphones, software, or the internet – is super helpful for IT managers and their teams. But, let’s be real, it can get tricky because things in the tech world change all the time. [How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree]

Imagine this: you’re cruising along, and suddenly, there’s a big update from Apple for its Mac software. Now, if the IT manager doesn’t tell the company about this update, it could lead to some tech hiccups. The whole crew might need to update their computers to keep things running smoothly.

Is it difficult to become an IT manager?

Working in IT is a bit like climbing a ladder – you start at the bottom and work your way up. Yup, it’s a journey from an entry-level position to becoming a manager. Now, how tough this climb is depends on where you work. If your boss is cheering you on and giving you the right push, you might snag that promotion sooner than you thought.

But here’s the secret sauce: you’ve got to flaunt your tech skills, take charge of your tasks, and be the go-to team player.

Now, think about how big the company you work for is. If it’s huge, with, let’s say, more than fifty people on your team, your work might blend in with all the other things going on. It’s like being in a big crowd where everyone’s doing something.

In situations like these, it might take a bit longer for your hard work to stand out. You could even end up working for a few different companies before you make it to the manager level. [How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree]

How much time does it take to become an IT manager?

Okay, let’s dive into how things might unfold at your workplace. Picture this: you start at a big company, maybe as a newbie or in a helpful entry-level role like at the help desk. Now, if you leave a mark on your boss in that first year or so, they might bump you up to being an analyst, assistant manager, or administrator. Titles can be a bit confusing, though – they vary from company to company.

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Here’s the deal: the big boss title, like a manager, might take its sweet time to show up. It could be four or five years into your job journey. But don’t stress – it’s not about lack of skill. It’s just the company giving you the chance to grow and get even better at what you do.

Here’s a little tip: when you’re starting a new IT job, whether it’s a beginner or mid-level role, tell your boss that you’ve got your eyes set on becoming an IT manager in the long run. Even better, bring it up during the interview – share your big goal. This shows that you’re not just thinking about today; you’re aiming for the top in the future. Recruiters usually dig that kind of ambition. [How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree]

But, on the other side of the coin, this is also your chance to find out if the company you’re eyeing has room for folks to climb up. A recruiter might spill the beans and let you know if moving up the ladder is a bit tricky in their setup.

whether you spill the beans from the start or spill them during your first yearly check-in, make sure your boss knows you’re gunning for that managerial title. If they know, they can guide you on the path to making your goal a reality. They might help you snag the right training and experience for that big promotion.

But here’s a thought: if after one, two, or three years in the same company, you’re not seeing any movement toward your goal, it might be time to consider taking your skills elsewhere. Sometimes, a new place can be the right stage for your talents to shine.

How much does an IT manager make?

The average pay for an IT manager in the US is around $92,486 a year, says Now, that’s the middle ground. If you’re reaching for the stars, you might hit $136,700. On the other hand, if you’re just starting, you could be looking at around $62,500. [How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree]

Now, a couple of things play into how much cash lands in your pocket. First off, where you work and how many years you’ve been in the IT game. According to Indeed, it might take close to ten years to hit the six-figure mark. But hey, even after just a year or two in a manager role, you could be pulling in $87,000 or more each year.

How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree?

You can become an IT manager without needing a degree. Good news, right? There are tons of legit online courses out there that give you credentials. Jumping into coding or cyber security courses can be a fast track to landing a job in IT. And here’s a cool bonus: it’s also a smart way to figure out if a career in IT is your thing.

Now, the IT manager journey we chatted about earlier still applies. No matter your age or past gigs, starting at the entry-level is usually the way to go. But here’s the sweet part – even those entry-level IT jobs can pay quite well.

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when you land your first IT job, keep the learning vibes going. Ask your boss if the company has any education courses to dive deeper into the software, hardware, websites, and all the tech your company uses. If not, no worries – you can do your learning journey too.

And guess what? The folks who gave you your first training might have more advanced courses up their sleeves. Once you wrap those up, you’ve got a bunch of IT knowledge in your pocket. Now, use that brainpower to level up your team and let your boss know about your fancy new qualifications. [How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree]

Requirements for non-degree holders looking to work as IT managers

Beyond your IT classes, there are a few more skills you want to pick up. Get comfy with technical writing and the tech lingo, learn how to set up networks, manage databases, deploy hardware and software, and understand coding for different things. Oh, and don’t forget to know your way around different operating systems.

But here’s the real deal – it’s not just about what you know in the tech world. Being a champ in this field means having some cool personal traits too. You’ve got to be ambitious, take the lead, and be a great communicator. And when problems pop up, be the creative, resourceful, flexible, and precise problem-solver that everyone turns to.

Knowing your stuff for the job is cool, but here’s the real deal – using those skills while being a reliable, friendly, and helpful team player is a whole different ball game.

Is it Possible to Land an IT Job Without an IT Degree?

Let’s imagine you hit the college scene and snagged a bachelor’s degree in writing. Maybe you kicked off your career as an editorial assistant before deciding to switch gears and dive into IT. Sounds like a twist, right? But here’s the cool part – through online classes, you can grab those IT credentials, just like someone who didn’t do the college route at all. And guess what? Your writing skills can still be a superpower, even if your degree seems a bit different from the IT world. [How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree]

Here’s a cool trick for those with a degree: tap into your university alumni network to kickstart your journey into IT. But don’t worry if you don’t have a degree – if you’ve got certifications, you can still rock the networking game the “old-fashioned way.” Reach out to folks with connections through cold calls, emails, or messages on social media, like LinkedIn. It’s all about making those connections, no matter the path you take.

Top-Paying IT Careers Without a College Degree

How to Become an IT Manager without a Degree

Lots of good-paying IT jobs are out there, and you don’t always need a degree to snag them. According to Comparably, here’s a bunch of top-notch IT jobs that bring in at least $80,000 or more, and you don’t need a college degree for them:

  1. Software Developer
    • What They Do: Create cool software.
    • How Much They Make: Starts at $80,000 and can go higher.
  2. Network Administrator
    • What They Do: Handle computer networks for a company.
    • How Much They Make: Usually between $70,000 to $90,000.
  3. Systems Administrator
    • What They Do: Take care of a company’s computer systems.
    • How Much They Make: Usually starts at $70,000 and can go up.
  4. Web Developer
    • What They Do: Design and make websites.
    • How Much They Make: Starts at $60,000 and can go up to $80,000.
  5. Database Administrator
    • What They Do: Manage and organize databases.
    • How Much They Make: Typically between $70,000 to $90,000.
  6. Computer Support Specialist
    • What They Do: Help out folks with computer issues.
    • How Much They Make: Often starts around $50,000.
  7. IT Security Specialist
    • What They Do: Keep computer systems safe from cyber threats.
    • How Much They Make: Can range from $80,000 to over $100,000.
  8. Quality Assurance Analyst
    • What They Do: Test and check software quality.
    • How Much They Make: Usually between $70,000 to $90,000.
  9. Technical Support Specialist
    • What They Do: Assist with technical problems.
    • How Much They Make: Starts around $50,000.
  10. IT Consultant
    • What They Do: Give advice on IT stuff to businesses.
    • How Much They Make: Varies, but often more than $80,000 with experience.


In a conclusion, being an IT manager is not just about having a college degrees or credentials. It’s more like a lifelong journey of learning, adapting to changes, and growing into the qualities that make a fantastic IT leader. So, whether you’re a pro in the field or a fresh graduate eager for a new path, kickstart your IT adventure. There’s a whole world of opportunities waiting for you, and your potential knows no bounds.

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